How to play ROMs with Android devices

There are so many games that are available on Android, but we find ourselves bored playing the same types of games every day. Android is now able to play games from the past.

Today, you too can begin playing your most loved retro games with any Android device that is at your disposal. To be the coolest retro-gamer all you need to do is download an emulator.

Download the Emulator Android

Google Play offers legal downloads of emulators that can play Nintendo and GBA gaming consoles. Launch this application and search for the emulator you wish to use to play old games. There are many good emulators available in Google Play. If you’re not certain whether you’d like to download an emulator or which program to choose for your device, it’s an excellent idea to check out reviews written by other users on the emulators they’ve used.

Downloading Android Game Roms

Images from ROM (or ROM files) are saved files on computers that hold the information of a particular video game’s read-only memory chip. The players create the files and then share them with fans of retro games on the Internet. You can look up any game you’d like to run on your emulator.Read about At website However, even though there are a good many websites claiming that their selection of ROMs are the most comprehensive you can find on the net, remember to stay vigilant and use only trusted websites. and have a variety of ROMs for every device, including VBA, SNES, NDS or VBA. These sources are a great source of ROMs.

  • For example, if you’re looking to play Pokemon Leaf Green you can go online and search for the ROMs. You can look up Pokemon Leaf Green ROMs simply by entering it in the search bar.
  • usually has a long selection of games. Browse through the list until you can find the perfect game. It is necessary to click on the icon to download the game. The game will show up in the default Downloads folder following.

How to obtain BIOS for your Emulator

If you want your ROMs to function correctly, you must download the BIOS for your emulator. It is necessary to look up “VisualBoy Advance BIOS” if your emulator is VisualBoy Advance. Once you have chosen the file to download click on it, and wait until it is completed.

Launching the Emulator

The next step is launching your emulator. Click the emulator icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. Wait for the program to finish loading. After the program has started, it will ask you to supply the downloaded BIOS. Use your emulator to locate the necessary file (defaultly it should be within the Download folder of the internal memory of your device). Tap on it.

  • In certain situations you may be required to repeat the process of finding the BIOS files.

Launching the games on ROM

The program will ask which ROM file (or game) do you want to use at the moment. You might also utilize the tool for file navigation to locate the game you want. The downloaded file must be in the Downloads Folder, if it hasn’t been changed. Once you’ve found the game that you want to use press it.

The only thing left to do is to get familiar with the controls, and then play your most loved retro Android game.